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The portfolio section of my website is currently a work-in-progress, where I am constantly adding projects and updating functionality. You will notice that some of my work is hosted on Conifer, which is a web archiving service that creates an interactive copy of websites. This is in order to preserve each page as it existed when I was the developer on the project.

< About Melissa />

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I am a front-end engineer with over 15 years of experience developing for various industries, including higher education, nonprofits, services, and retail. I am an advocate for inclusiveness and accessibility throughout the web, and develop with the mindset that the internet is for everyone. I enjoy working on the subtle nuances that elevate a good website to a great website. I enjoy working on projects that use CMSs such as Drupal and WordPress, but also love working on a good UI using nothing but semantic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I prefer to work with "vanilla JS" when possible, but I am also in the process of advancing my React.js and Typescript skills. I am also learning Gatsby and GraphQL in order to develop headless websites.

When I'm not working on websites, I enjoy watching baseball and drawing wildlife.

< Clients I've Worked With />

Here are just a few clients that I have worked with throughout my career.

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